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Clara's Safety Plan



 School safety starts with student supervision.  Students at Clara are supervised during the school day. Listed below are some of the ways we go about making our students and campus safe.

1. Students are supervised during the unloading of buses.  Students remain on the bus until told to unload and buses do not depart in the afternoon until told.

2. Teachers are required to be in the classroom before students arrive in the classrooms.

3. Teachers in grades 5-8 dismiss their students from class and stand in their class doors during class changes.

4. Students are escorted to lunch, and are supervised by their teacher during lunch time.

5. Designated teachers are on duty during any break or extra-curricula activity that students have.

6. Safety and supervisory responsibilities are emphasized during the school year.

7. During the school day, only 1 entrance and1 exit to the campus is used.

8. Students are trained in proper safety procedures as it relates to severe weather, tornadoes, or fire.

9. Teachers are given training on handling crisis that might arise out of threats, weapons, etc.

10. The part of the campus used by students during the school day is completely blocked off from traffic.

11. All building and equipment are checked yearly and monitored continually for safety problems.

12. All faculty and staff receive staff development in safety and crisis management yearly.

13. The school system has a zero-tolerance policy on weapons of any kind being on school property.

14. We have an armed security officer on campus each day.